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Cupping is great for anyone experiencing acute and chronic pain, headache, common cold, cough, painful menstruation, stress, and anxiety, Usually the treatment is not painful, some people may call it slightly uncomfortable.
Most people are well enough to work after the Hijama treatment, we advise if possible to rest for 30 mins following the treatment.
Cupping therapy can last up to 60 minutes. An example of a session is usually 5 minutes to apply the cups, 5 to 10 minutes of the cups being stationary on the skin, this process is repeated minimum three times 2 minutes to remove the cups and 5 to 10 minutes of massage.
The bruises for cupping can last for a few days up to two weeks. According to TCM practitioner Casco, it is expected that over several weeks of repeated cupping treatments the bruising will decrease as the stagnation resolves. This indicates a successful result of a cupping treatment protocol.
Hijama cupping therapy is both a preventative and curative remedy recommended as a form of detox and maintenance of your health. It can be undertaken 2-4 times a year.
For a normal person it is good to do cupping (hijama) every three months. As for the sick person then every month because cupping (hijama) is considered from the Prophetic medicine and the Prophet muhammad (pbuh) advised people to perform it. So it is a cure as well as implementing the Sunnah.
It is not from the Sunnah to have a bath after cupping (hijama) and also a person may be harmed such as the wound may become infected. Therefore, bathing should be after the wound has healed a day or two after cupping (hijama). however if necessary a shower is advised 4 hours after the treatment.
In some cases the person who has magic done to him/her may vomit or feel light headed after cupping (hijama) and may sweat, however this state will only remain for a few minutes as the negative energies are removed from the body.