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  • Hijama

    Wet Cupping and Massage(Hijama) The Curactive modality Is the practice of using cups, which can be of different materials, to...

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  • Massage

    Therapeutic Massage Physical and Psychological Benefits of Therapeutic Massage Massage therapy has a host of benefits to offer. Not only...

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  • Ruqya

    Sheffield Hijama Clinic Ruqya treatment Ruqya is the healing and relief of people who suffer and are stuck for years....

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about us

Sheffield Hijama Clinic The Sheffield Hijama Clinic are a group of health professionals and experienced hijama therapists. The clinic provides Hijama as well as therapeutic massage and Ruqya (spiritual healing)  services. In 2009 the clinic was first established  and Hijama...

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Massage Therapy Sessions In Sheffield Are Instrumental In Relieving Stress

Therapeutic massage therapies have a host of health benefits to offer. Experiencing chronic muscular pains, spasms, and sudden anxiety attacks are quite common a problem to be witnessed these days. Moreover, people from all ages are susceptible to such annoying...

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